Birthday Parties

Here you can find anything and everything relating to parties at Spunky Monkey. Read carefully and give us a call when you're ready to schedule. It's never too early to book (the earlier the better!) but all parties must be booked at least one week in advance.

Treat your little one to the big day they deserve.


Party Package - from $158.89 for up to 10 kids+1 birthday child

Birthday parties at Spunky Monkey start at $158.89 for up to 10 kids, plus one free birthday child. Children beyond 10 are $14.99 each.

You will have use of one of our huge private party rooms with seating for up to 30 for an hour and a half (you can stay to play as long as you want after that) and a large pizza and pitcher of drinks for every 5 children in the party. Your guests are checked in for you so you can enjoy spending time in the party room. Each child will receive a slip for 200 tickets to cash in for candy/prizes when they arrive, PLUS either a train ride or voucher for their selection of candy/prizes at the front counter. The birthday child will receive a voucher for 500 tickets. All paper products are included.

For larger parties, or if you would simply like to have extra space, we offer our Amazon Room at $317.79 which covers for up to 20 kids, plus a free birthday child (still $14.99 per child beyond 20). The Amazon Room is considerably larger than our other party rooms and has seating for up to 50.

A description of exactly how we run our parties is at the end of this page's party info, as are printable invitations and thank you cards.

View the attached flyer for itemized party information, including a wide range of food options for the adults at your party.

Payment, Scheduling, and More

The initial $158.89 for 10 kids+1 (or $317.79 for 20+1 in the case of the Amazon Room) is required at the time of booking in order to schedule your event.

Any kids beyond 10 (20 for the Amazon Room) are paid for the day of the party at the party price of $14.99/child--no exceptions. That is, Admit One Passes may not be used for extra party kids, nor may extra party kids be paid for at the regular admission price. All of your own children are considered party admissions. Passholders are also considered party admissions.

It's never too early to book your party, but we encourage you to schedule at least 2-3 weeks in advance, and please remember that as a rule, we do not schedule last-minute parties less than 7 days before the intended event date, so don't delay booking. See below for information about doing an informal, walk-in party if you've waited a bit too long to schedule a room and package.

Other information

Additional time in your party room is only available by doubling time and doubling payment. For example, if you're having a party of 15 kids, expect to pay for two parties of 15 kids. No exceptions.

Booking multiple rooms for extra space is only permitted if you are genuinely expecting more kids than can fit in one room (the Amazon Room can hold up to 50 if needed), or at least are prepared to pay as if you are having more than that.

Please speak with a manager if there's any confusion on these points.

DIY Walk-ins & Last-Minute Parties

Parties less than a week away are encouraged to do an informal, DIY walk-in party in the general seating area. This is also a great option for small family parties. If choosing this avenue, please understand that our priority is our regular, scheduled parties. We do not reserve tables for walk-ins and note that checking your guests in for you is a perk that we only extend to our scheduled parties. If you wish to pay for your guests, we ask that you or a member of your party stand near the entrance to pay as they arrive--that is, no prepayment for X number of guests, and no keeping tally to be paid at once later on. You may bring your own cake, but no other outside food or drinks permitted.

Last Little Thing

In order to be fair to everyone and reliably produce the same great party for every family year after year, our party package, its pricing, format, and policies are not negotiable. Everything you read on this page is what goes--no exceptions.

Party Format

As the party parent, you should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start time, although the room itself will not be available until 10-15 minutes beforehand. This is a good time to tell your guests to arrive.

At check-in, your guests receive their slip for candy/prizes at the front counter and a wristband; parents are given a matching name tag, and they are directed back to your room.

At or near your start time, a server will deliver the food and drinks to the room and will periodically check in on you after that. Your server will provide you with the kids' train ride or candy/prize voucher.

Near the end of the hour and a half, you will be asked to come do a quick survey and pay for any additional food and guests. You and your guests may stay to play in Spunky Monkey as long as desired, but your belongings must be cleared from the room promptly at your party's end time.

Please note that we must keep parties running on time and there is little wiggle room to delay the start. Your food is prepared to be served at or very near the start time, so delaying the start for the odd guest running late may affect the quality and will likely make the rest of your party feel rushed. Parties are strictly kept to their original 1.5 hour time slot and all belongings must be removed by the end time, regardless of your own arrival time or that of your guests.

Example timeline for a party, we'll say one held 12:00pm-1:30pm:

  • 11:30 - You (the party parent) arrive. Guests arrive anytime after you and receive their slips for candy/prizes at check-in. Your time with the room doesn't begin until closer to 12:00 though.

  • 11:45-11:55 - Your room will be open and ready for you to set up.

  • 12:00 - Your party's start time. Food is delivered within the first 15 minutes. A server will check in on you periodically throughout your time in the room and will provide you with the kids' train ride or candy/prize voucher once you feel all your guests have arrived.

  • 12:00-1:20 - It's recommended you do all of the in-room activities you plan to do out of the way at once as it's often difficult to corral all the kids back into the room once they've been sent out of to play.

  • 1:20-1:35 - Your server will ask you to come to the front counter to check out any extra kids or additional food items and to fill out a quick survey. This is the end of your party time in the room and the server needs to begin cleaning and setting up for the next party. You are welcome to stay to play in Spunky Monkey as long as you'd like.

Party Policies

  • In order to schedule your party, the initial $158.89 (or $317.79 in the case of the Amazon Room) is required in full at the time of booking.

  • Any kids beyond 10 (20 for the Amazon Room) are paid for the day of the party at the party price of $14.99/child--no exceptions (that is, you may not pay regular admission for the kids beyond 10/20. No payment by check. Admit One Passes cannot be used toward extra party kids. All of your own children are considered party admissions--that is, you may not pay regular admission for the honoree's brothers/sisters. Passholders are still considered party admissions.

  • If you need to cancel your party, you may do so for a full refund up to one week before your party. Once you're inside of 7 days before the party, no refunds. Absolutely no exceptions. This includes downgrading from the Amazon Room to a smaller room.

  • Rescheduling of parties is still permitted inside of 7 days up until the night before your event (after that it’s considered a no-show and you’re out of luck), but limited to a single reschedule. If the event cannot be held on that rescheduled date, a 50% refund will be made and the party canceled. Parties that were rescheduled inside of 7 days before the original event date are ineligible for full refunds.

  • No outside food (except a cake) or drinks are permitted.

  • Decorations in the room should be limited to those that can be put up and taken down in roughly 5 minutes. Please limit use of tape.

  • The following are not allowed: confetti, glitter/items with glitter coating, piñatas, smash cakes, silly string, and any other messy items.

Printable Invitations and Thank-Yous



Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes





With more than 20 years of experience running birthday parties, we know you and your kids will find having a party at Spunky Monkey to be fun and easy.